About Me

On completing my M.Sc. in Organic chemistry  from Jodhpur University (now JNV University , Jodhpur), I worked with Piramal Organic Chemicals as Research Officer for Organic Chemical Product development from 1978 to 1981. 

I joined ACC Ltd, India  in April 1981 in Organic Chemical product development division. In 1983, I transitioned into Cement R&D Division as a Technical assistant. During this time I was actively involved with Consultancy assignments for the Research & Consultancy Directorate .of  ACC Ltd.

In 2005 , I took over the responsibility as Vice president R & D (Quality & Product Development Division)  subsequently designated as Director of Quality and Product Development. Finally after 37 years at  ACC and with a 3 and ½  years of extension, I retired in October  2018.

Over the years I have gained a lot of insight into Cement Manufacturing and Cements/Cementitious products while having worked on many innovative concepts. I believe now is the right time for me to share my experiences in the cement industry across the world, I hope that my knowledge and experience does not go with me but gets shared, implemented and used in a manner that the Cement Plants gain from it and the Cement reaching the customers is of much improved performance and my colleagues in the plants get a good insight technically.

Shreesh Khadilkar

Consultant and advisor


Background in Cement Consultancy

In consultancy assignments I visited many cement Plants in India and abroad and was connected with optimization of QC Practices of the plants as well as Raw Mix Optimisation for improved quality of  clinker.

Experience and knowledge base in Cement Manufacture could be classified in different areas 

  • Raw Mix / Clinker  Optimization  for improved productivity
  • Development and use of Cement Additives for higher fly ash / slag absorption in PPC/PSC/PCC
  • Cement Product Development with USPs  
  • Dry Mix Mortars :  for Plastering , Tile adhesives , Thin Bed Jointing Mortars
  • Concrete Additives for improved performance
  • Assistance in Lab Automation and bringing in integrity of reported Quality Data