Improved Kiln feed burnability with use of Air Cooled Steel Slag

Rapid industrial development has initiated a serious ecological and environmental imbalance due to dumping of industrial wastes. In tune with the global emphasis on waste utilization for a greener and cleaner environment, the Quality and Product Development Division of ACC Ltd. have been carrying out investigative studies on potential use of the common industrial wastes for cement manufacture. The industrial waste, Air Cooled Steel Slag from steel industry can be beneficially used as corrective in cement manufacture.

The paper discusses the chemico-mineralogical characteristics of Air Cooled Steel Slags available in the country along with the reactivity of the resultant cement raw mixes with the use of it. The quality of the clinker and cement has also been discussed in some details. Studies carried out at the authors’ laboratory indicates that  usage of Air cooled Steel Slag substantially enhance the reactivity of cement raw mixes and lead to improved  phase formation in the clinker.

The paper also illustrates through case studies, the benefits derived from the usage of these materials at the cement plant scale.  . The paper was presented and published at 12th NCB Inte Seminar

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