Achieving the lowest clinker factor in fly ash /slag Based Cements

The use of fly ash& Granulated slags  as mineral component in Blended Cements mainly  PPC & PSC has been now a common  feature , these cements  today dominate the  Products Menu of all Cement Groups in the country .It has now been completely accepted that the blended cements provide several distinct advantages over OPC , the enhanced durability of blended cement concretes has made it the preferred cement in market ,  thereby replacing the earlier skepticism regarding performance. In the Tropical climatic conditions of the country, Blended cement concrete either with the blending component as a part in cement or alternatively as a blending component with OPC in  the Ready – Concrete , is the most preferred option for a durable civil structure.

Every manufacturing Cement Plant /Groups are striving to achieve the lowest possible Clinker factor in PPC/PSC ,  without affecting the Cement and Resultant Concrete performance at site . The Country still has a dominating market for Bag – Cement .  Practically every Cement Group today have a Normal PPC / PSC Brand , along with a  premium high strength brands of the two Blended Cements claiming it to be competitive to OPC 43/53 concrete performance . The OPC in Bag Market is showing a substantial decrease . OPC Grades are mainly supplied to RMC segment  and precast segments for precast concrete , Concrete blocks , Railway sleeper etc .

The author discusses the various aspects which can help achieve the lowest clinker factor and still have the  PPC/PSC with good performance in Concrete especially in the IHB segment of the market across the Country . The article was published in the September 2020 issue of Indian Cement Review pg 16 to 22

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