Raw Mix Optimisation with High MgO containing Limestone

The availability of limestone deposits containing lower MgO content (< 2 %) is slowly depleting and many cement plants are forced to accept limestone having higher MgO (> 3.0 %) for cement manufacture.

Unsoundness problems in cement associated with high MgO content (Periclase formation) are well known and there is a need to study and understand the undesirable effects of high MgO content on the clinker quality.

Extensive studies of raw mix design and optimisation have been carried out at author’s laboratory with raw materials from different plants with higher MgO contents. These studies have indicated that by judiciously controlling the compositional and / or operational parameters of the raw mix, desired quality of cement can be produced.

The paper exemplifies case studies of few cement plants, wherein raw mix optimisation has led to substantial improvement in cement quality particularly with respect to soundness and increased productivity. The paper was published at presented at the 7th NCB International Seminar

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