Durable Mortar & Concrete through use of Natural Materials with bio polymers – A Review

The paper attempts to review the different types of the available natural bio polymers and the effects of these additions
on the fresh and hardened properties of modern day Portland cement mo. and concrete. The paper further discusses
the experimental data generated at the author’s laboratory as a part of exploratory work carried out, on use of natural
polymers and its impact on the properties of cements, mortars and concretes in terms of increased early strengths,
air entraining effect, better adhesiveness, anti microbiological agent, improvement in plasticity and workability of the
mortars and concrete, comparing the results of the natural biopolymeric additions with the commercially available
additives/ admixtures used to induce similar properties in mortar and concrete. The paper concludes that the observed
effects of use of these biopolymeric additions on the properties of Portland cement mortar and concrete would inspire
more researchers to work in these areas and evolve natural admixtures, which would further add sustainability to the
modern day concrete constructions.

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