Assessment of use of Air cooled Steel Slag /Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as Corrective in Cement Raw Mix

Air cooled steel slag (ACSS) generated During Steel manufacturing process is very hard & difficult to grind in nature & is highly crystalline in nature & so cannot be used as MIC in Slag cement manufacture. However, the compositional parameters of various steel slag collected from different sources indicates that these slags are normally richer in CaO content with relatively lower SiO2 & higher in  Fe2O3 contents compositionally could suit as alternative material .        In view of this to assess feasibility of use of ACSS as corrective, comprehensive studies were under taken at RMPD dept. of Quality & Product development Division. The details of studies carried out for assessing the feasibility of use of ACSS are summarised below

  • Characterization of Air Cooled Steel Slag
  • Raw Mix Design Studies using Kymore Plant Raw  Materials with and without slags
  • Comparative assessment of Reactivity of Raw Mixes with the presently used correctives used at Kymore and with use of Air Cooled Steel slag, Granulated slag

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