Development of Laboratory test Procedure for Prediction and Optimisation of Clinker Granulometry

In the pyro processing of cement raw mix , major attention is given to optimise and control the chemical processes resulting into formation of clinker minerals , as they directly influence cement properties. However , due consideration is not given to control the granulometry of clinker. This property is of immense importance since it determines efficient cooler operation , life of burning zone refractory and Grindability characteristics of resultant clinker .

Literature reports many test methods for prediction and assessment of clinker granulometry. However use of these methods is limited , as these methods  cannot be  practiced at plant laboratories due to lack of sophisticated infrastructure. Further these methods do not consider  parametric interrelations of clinker granulometry with compositional parameters  , which  is necessary for  optimisation.

At the authors laboratories attempts were  made to study and confirm the effect of clinker compositional parameters on melt phase and its densification characteristics,  for evolving a  laboratory test method for prediction of  clinker granulometry  , which can be implemented at plant. The paper further highlights usefulness of the test procedure for prediction and optimistion of clinker granulometry

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