Enviro – Friendly Cement and Concrete – A review of Tecnological Options

The issue of reducing the pressures of pollution on the environment is high on the priority list of cement manufacturers globally.  In the last decade, significant advances have been reported on colder and greener technologies for cements and cementitious  systems which throw open various technological options.

The  trends of research has been in the direction of utilisation of industrial wastes like fly ash, slags and other industrial wastes , for producing cementitious products that are comparable in properties to conventional cements . Other avenues of investigation are  in areas of alternative cementitious phase composition with lesser detrimental effect on environment, these cementitious system includes cements like reactive Belite, sulphoaluminate , fluoroaluminate ,  phosphatic cements, etc. these cements  would help reduce the emissions of SO2  / CO2, CO, etc. and result in savings in natural resources and fuel economy .

Globally another  pursued areas of research is for evolving alternative pyro – processing technologies which are environmentally friendly that     could   alter the pollution prone

conventional pyro-processing technologies.   The paper reviews some of the recent advances in this area.

The authors have also discussed some of the recent researches in greener concrete which could lead to effective utilisation of fly ash on one hand and on the other hand generate more greener environments

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