Background in Cement

Raw Mix / Clinker  Optimization  for improved productivity 

o   Carried out consultancy assignments for many cement Plants in India and abroad

o   Optimizing the burnability and reactivity of Raw Mixes (with alternative correctives /additives )

o   Developed Material related approaches  for  over-coming  kiln inlet coating /  jamming ,  maximizing use of dolomitic Limestone , overcoming high free lime issues .

o   Optimizing the clinker with phosphatic raw materials to produce normal clinker / Cement Quality .

o   Optimizing the solid fuel combinations of coal; with petcoke , clinker optimization with 100 % petcoke usage without affecting clinker grindability, maximizing waste co-processing

o   Optimising Oil well cement clinker /Cement ,

o   Use of  (CaF2) Mineraliser .

o   Co-processing of industrial wastes (AFR)  and their maximization of usage without affecting manufacturing process as well as clinker quality potential.


Development and use of Cement Additives as grinding aids as well as for  for higher fly ash / slag absorption in PPC/PSC/PCC without affecting the Mortar  strengths  with improved Concrete performance of the Cements. 

Cement Product Development with USPs  

o  Development of  Portland  & non – Portland Cementitious binders  sulphoaluminate cements both K – type as well as S Tupe

o  Development of alkali activated Slag/fly ash  cements (clinker less cements )

o  Reactive belite cements  .

o  Photocatalytic Cements, biocidal Cements  etc.

o  Developed different Premium Cement Products for ACC one of them being ACC Gold (Water shield ) ,  a first of its kind water repellent cement based on PPC / Composite Cements , developed and launched in 2013 ., which has substantial reduced water permeability in Mortars and resultant Concrete

o   Development of  Premium high strength brands of  Blended Cements  (Fly ash , slag based cements and Composite Cements ) with high early strengths and improved Concrete performance .

o   Development and Manufacture of OPC 53 characteristics for improved performance in RMC applications so as to have higher slump retentivity in concrete and reduced Admixture consumption in RMC etc

o   Optimising OPC43/53 for precast applications.


Dry Mix Mortars :  for Plastering , Tile adhesives , Thin Bed Jointing Mortars 

o   Dry Mix mortars for different applications  (with natural /manufactured sand) such as dry mix Plasters (for plastering and brick bonding ) .

o   Water repellent Dry Mix Mortars .

o   Tile fixing Dry Mix Mortars of desired open time  ,

o   Thin bed Jointing Mortars  for Concrete Blocks .

o   Cement based putty . skim coat , base coats etc  


Concrete Additives for improved performance

o    Integral water proofing compound for use in  concrete,

o    Polymer modified repair Mortars for water proofing of bathrooms and terraces etc.


Assistance in Lab Automation and bringing in integrity of reported Quality Data

o   Automation of Compressive testing Machine

o   All the data generated by the QC Labs like fineness (blaines surface ) , residues of Raw Meal , kiln feed , Cement ,

o   Cement colour shades index testers.

o   XRF/XRD etc  uploaded to the central portal through the developed interfaces (along with service provider) .



A total of around 150 papers have been published/presented  in National &  international forums. Filed  Six patents in India and different countries.